Message for this coming weekend's service

Welcome to “All.” All is an extreme word. There’s no in between. It’s as far to one extreme as you can get – the opposite being “none.” Today we focus on the shed blood of Christ, and His sacrifice that “paid it ALL,” “washed it ALL,” “redeemed it ALL.” It’s as extreme as we can get. The worship ministry has enjoyed the last couple months as we’ve dwelt on what our “ALL” looks like – and how we so often fall into thinking that Christ’s blood covered “most,” or “some,” or “those last few times, but not this one.” We also took a different spin on “ALL.” The gospel tells us to acknowledge our sin, and embrace the Savior that has removed our stains. But so often we get caught up in failing to acknowledge the LIES that we are told, daily, minute-by minute – the insecurities, the fears, the anxieties. Those lies even deceive us into thinking that they aren’t even LIES, but truth. But, the TRUTH is that Christ redeemed us from needing to listen to them, needing to believe them. Today – i hope that you’re reminded that He covered it “ALL.”

I’d like to mention a brief word about the videos you’ll watch today. We shot footage of over 20 people, and asked them all the same three questions. 1. What are the lies that Evil whispers in your ear, 2. What does it mean to you that “ALL the old is washed away,” and 3. What does it mean to you that “Jesus paid it ALL.” We were amazed at how similar the answers were. Please know that these were not scripted, and the thoughts expressed are the genuine true feelings of the subjects on the screen. I hope it becomes an encouragement to all of us this morning to step out of our insecurities, and embrace the fact that we hear the same lies – but they are just lies – and every bit of it has been redeemed by His blood.

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