Friday Favorites 11.12.10

1. Favorite ridiculous video – Chad Vader, after Dentist
I love this video – makes me laugh everytime. And yes, it’s completely ridiculous


4. Favorite Line from this coming Sunday’s worship service –
“I see the lost, and nameless ones remembered; orphans fulfilling, Lord, Your calling on their lives . . . Do it Lord”

5. Favorite thing one of my kids said this week –
Last night [Thursday] I took Drake and Drennen (#1 and #3) to the Apple Store. “Who wants to go to the Apple Store?” “Me! Me!” We go – I get done what is needed – Drake and Drennen play on iMacs while we wait. We leave. Drennen “When are we going to the Apple Store?” Drake: “Drennen – that WAS the Apple Store.” Drennen: “No it’s not. It’s a COMPUTER store.” Me: “Drennen – look up at that sign – what shape is that?” Drennen: “An Apple.” Me: “Right. This is the apple store.” Drennen: “Well – there aren’t any apples in there . . . ” Drake: “Dad – you should put this whole thing on Facebook.”

6. Favorite shameless plug –
Make sure to mark your calendars for December 12 – our worship ministry will be leading us in “Rescue” – our Christmas worship service. Both morning services – 9 and 10:45AM

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