Friday Favorites 1.21.11

1. Favorite New Apple Service offer –
I forget how awesomely funny and absurd The Onion is…
New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products

2. Favorite Alternate Ending to Star Trek –
I had to have “the talk” with Drake this past week over the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. I wonder if there was a mash-up …

3. Favorite Time-lapse –
I worked quite a bit of production when i was in college – spent countless hours at the Wright Center, Alabama Theatre, BJCC, and Alys Stevens Center. This is what my life looked like WAY too many times…

4. Favorite reminder of why we’re here –
Putting this up again. Can we afford to not watch it?

5. Favorite line from upcoming Sunday worship service –
Beauty rises from the ashes, sorrow turns to gladness, when our God is near

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