People that hate you…

This post is really only for other church leadership, mainly other music ministers/worship pastors/chief musicians…

“How do you feel about the people that hate you?”

O’Reilly asked this question of President Obama a few nights ago – moments before some professional sporting contest…

The President kinda laughed off the question – but I thought he had a great response – “the people that hate me don’t know me.”

Made me start thinking about my own ministry, and the ministries of my peers – what do we do with people that hate (or insert other word) us? Where does our security lie? With whom does our comfort lie?

We took a couple out to eat last week, and one of them asked if we ever get complaints. I almost choked on my burrito. I think my response was “the gross tonnage of comments that we (the pastoral staff) receive would stop a team of oxen in its tracks. To add to it – the level of ridiculousness that some choose to include in their comments would stun you. STUN you…

I do some speaking to church planters, about developing worship ministries, and worship philosophies. Part of my talk is finding and mentoring “the guy” to lead the worship ministry. And a part of THAT talk is a charge to Sr Pastors in their relationships with their music guys (or gals). As illustration – I give REAL LIFE examples from both my last church and current church of utter ridiculousness that people bring in the form of complaints – and the importance that lies in the support I get and give from/to my Sr Pastor. The stories would shock, amaze, humor, and frighten – and I’m sure they’re duplicated across the country.

So back to my point – what do you do with the people that hate you? Does it cripple you? Paralyze you? I’ll tell you that 5-7 years ago, my skin wasn’t near as thick – and I was less confident in what God had called me to do – and more concerned with the abusive fringe comments. Where are you? Clinging to the vision that you’ve been given, and the high calling of leading God’s people? Or gripped by fear of comments?

I find myself approaching the question from two fronts – much like the President, a lot of the comments from people are the result of them not knowing me, my heart, my family, and making judgements on what they think my intentions are. The 2nd front is in forgetting that I’m to do my work as unto the Lord, and no one else.

Be confident in how He’s called you, the style in which He’s placed you, and the leadership that He’s given you…

One thought on “People that hate you…

  1. Our college group is studying “The Person of Jesus” by Paul Miller, and one of the points Paul brings out is how Jesus' ability to say “no” to people freed him to do what God had called him to do (like when His brothers wanted him to have a red carpet event at the Feast of Booths, but Jesus said “my time has not yet come”). That just got me thinking along what you're talking about: “am I willing to risk rejection from a few ridiculous people in order that I may lead many?” It's something I have to pray about alot because it's hard to work through…good post.

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