Time to create?

I taught last week at a conference for church planters. Guys (and gals) from all over the country, spanning 20 different denominations, in all different stages of church planting. One of the parts of my talk is finding “the guy” to lead the worship ministry.

In laying out “suggested criteria” i mentioned that he/she needs to be creative. Regardless of WHAT they’re doing to create (writing music (or words or poetry or narrative), painting, drawing, blogging, videographing (that’s just NOT a word), photography – “the guy” needs to be setting aside intentional time to create – every week.

I saw this morning on Facebook (facebook is this start-up company that’s trying to do a social network thing. don’t know if it’s really going to take off) one of my friends posted “first day all week with no meetings – time to create.” What a great post! Are you finding ways and times to create?

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