New Record from Oaks Worship from Dallas, TX

I’m pleased to offer a review of a brand-new LIVE worship album from Oaks Worship in Dallas, TX. The album, titled Lift up the LIght, features the worship teams from Oaks Worship, joined by Bethany Dillon, and Shane and Shane.

What a great, refreshing worship album. Abandoning tricks and gimmicks, this new record offers the listener a peek into the night of the recording. The instrumentation and arrangements are solid, the songs are deeply rooted in Biblical truths, and the tunes are easy to sing. I’m especially enjoying “Worthy of Affection.”

The title track “Lift up the LIght” reminds us of God’s faithfulness, HIS character to deliver – great tune.

Listening to the album several times, I was easily able to identify songs that would be appropriate for my congregation, both presentational and corporate worship tunes. I’m particularly impressed with the contrast in styles, tempos, and settings – as the listener can enjoy both celebrative and reflective tunes. Keys are appropriate for congregations, and instrumentation is appropriate for the feel of the songs.

Great record. Go grab it today on iTunes.

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