Friday Favorites 4.15.11

1. Favorite Dance Moves –

We were sitting in the den the other day – and Michael Jackson flashed on the screen – and my kids went nuts. I then informed them that we had a blu-ray “This is It.” They thought I bought it just for them, and i became the world’s greatest dad. They sat captivated …. and then something happened.

Boys and MJ from Jasonsears Music on Vimeo.

2. Favorite promo for a kids musical –

Thanks Will Giuliani! This is the long version of our promo – highlighting most of the songs used in the program – most written by Mandy Sears.



4. Favorite, umm…something-

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 4.15.11

  1. Jason! I have to comment on each one…

    1 – your boys have GOT IT! I love their moves!
    2 – It says I need a password to see your private video about Mandy's children's musical… I'd love to see it!
    3- can you believe I hadn't seen that yet? Now I wish I hadn't. fun fun fun
    4 – Poor guy! Does he realize how he looks doing that? I know it might look better with him smiling through the whole thing, but come on! Make it look realistic!

    Thanks for sharing those! My boys wanted to dance with your boys, but they thought the vocalise was boring. 😉

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