Please Come Home – presented at the LoveLady Center tomorrow night!

Our kids choir will be presenting their new musical Please Come Home tomorrow night at the Lovelady Center.

If your child is coming – please see below for important information:

We are so excited to have the opportunity to present “Please Come Home” at the Lovelady Center on Monday, April 25 at 6:00pm.

All students will need to arrive at the center by 5:15pm. This exciting service opportunity is open to all students that learned the musical. We’re wanting to take as large a group as possible.

We’re privileged to get to serve the ladies with a feast before the program. We are in need of donations to help offset the cost of the dinner for the ladies. We want to feed 400 ladies, and we anticipate a cost of around $2000. We have to get this cost taken care of by outside donations, as this wasn’t a budgeted item. Greg Mixon is our point-person for the fund raising. You can write a check to the church, and note in the memo blank “Mercy – Lovelady Center.” If you don’t note this – the funds won’t be applied to this effort.

Your kids will wear jeans and a solid color t-shirt. The drama and dance portion of the musical will be shown via DVD from the March 6 performance. All the singing will be live.


The center is located at 7916 2nd Avenue South, Birmingham, AL. Please see the map below for directions.

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