Friday Favorites 4.6.12

1. Favorite magic trick –
I worked at the Wright Center when i was at Samford, and one of the shows I worked was David Copperfield. I got to see how he did this trick – was standing about 10 feet from him, backstage. Also signed a contract saying I would never tell – but even if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.

2. Favorite TV ad –

3. Favorite weekly west wing scene –
CJ and a Secret Service agent – in honor of one of my best friends, also serving as an agent.

4. Favorite song from last weekend –
Hard to pick a favorite – but you understand me sticking with the “favorite” theme, right? if you missed our Palm Sunday worship service, you also missed Calvin Nowell singing “Alright.” I’ll have audio available soon – but until then…

5. Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship –
“It is written, Christ is risen, Jesus You, are Lord of all”

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