Friday Favorites 6.1.12

1.  Favorite news story  – 
Guy paints himself green, then can’t scrub it off…

2.  Favorite weekly scene from West Wing – 
I’ve said this before – and it’s worth repeating.  My wife and I watch at least part of an episode of this series every night on DVD, because it’s one of the best TV shows ever created.  The writing is brilliant.  The acting and cast are outstanding.  I won’t discuss the political influence on the show – but if you haven’t watched it, grab the full 7 seasons on DVD.

3.  Favorite new music – 
Check out Josh Garrels – we’ve also been playing this tune in our preservice mix

4.  Favorite identifier – 
What your toilet paper says about you….

5.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship set – 
“I lift my hands to believe again”

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