Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – July 29, 2012

I absolutely love bullfrog choir Sunday.  Yesterday we had about 125 guys join us on stage and lead Oak Mountain in worship.

I mentioned to the men yesterday – one of the biggest blessings from not leading for 6.5 months was the opportunity to sit and worship with my boys.  It’s one of the biggest callings you have as a father – to model worship for your children.  Don’t take it lightly.  For those that joined me on the stage yesterday – i was literally preaching to the choir, as those men were willing to get up and sing anyway – but exponentially more important is the leadership that you, men, bring to your homes, your wives, and your children.  Don’t discount the importance in the role of leading your children in worship – they need to see you model it, they need to hear your voice, see your emotion, and your desire to worship your Savior.
Anyway – we opened yesterday with I Am Free.
After our call to worship we sang Your Grace is Enough, Our God Saves, Search Me, Here I Am to Worship, and Before the Throne of God Above.
For our offering song we sang 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord).

Worship choir resumes on Wednesday night, August 8th from 6-7.  If you’ve ever been interested in joining us – now would be a great time to get plugged in.

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