Ring the Bells – Christmas at Oak Mountain, now available

I compiled an album of great tunes from over the past 10 years of Christmas worship services into an Oak Mountain Christmas album – Ring the Bells.  You can download it from iTunes here.

These were all recorded live, with over 100 of the best worship volunteers in the city.  A few album credits:

Band includes:
Drums – Jon Harvill
Bass – Raymond Butler
Electric Guitars – Jack Swaim, Josh Vigneulle, and Tim Ogletree
Acoustic Guitars – Patrick Bush, Justin Hale and Josh Vigneulle
Synths – Jack Swaim
Percussion – Michael Southerland and Matt Minor
Saxophone – David McCool

Solo vocalists include Carlee Green, Jenny Pruitt, Sharla Rose, and Jeff Sauceda.

I did all the mixing and mastering.  Hope you enjoy.

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