Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – October 19, 2014

Hard to believe that we’re over half-way through October already.

Relentless – God’s love is relentless.  The song we sang in the middle of our set repeats those words, over and over again.  Sure – it may be a “7/11 song” – singing the same 7 words, 11 times, but at least for me, I need to be reminded over and over again that God’s love and pursuit after me is relentless even when I fail, time and time again.  So I have zero problem with us singing “Your love is relentless, your love is relentless, your love is relentless, your love is relentless…”

Regardless of HOW you struggle this morning – either with thinking you’re good enough that God loves you, or that you’ve failed enough that God doesn’t – would you be reminded that God’s love is relentless, and is working to bring His glory to completion in you

We opened yesterday with White Flag.

After our call to worship we sang Arise, Relentless, How Firm a Foundation, and Oceans.

Our offering song was a new tune from Christy Nockels called Let it Be Jesus.


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