APP Review: Do Not Disturb

As one of our resident tech nerds here at OMPC, I’m always asked about gadgets and apps, computers and TVs, software, hardware–you name it, I’ve probably at least stumbled across it. I’d like to recommend one of my newest favorite apps, and you can find it for free, already on your iPhone, as long as you’ve updated to iOS 7. It’s called Do Not Disturb. It has ended up being one of my favorite apps, and just the tool that you may need to build a little margin into your life. Set it to automatically switch your phone off at night, so you can focus on putting the kids to bed, unwinding with your spouse or just enjoying some silence. Fellas–out on a date with your wife? Can’t bear to leave your phone at home or in the car? Swipe that thumb up from the bottom of the home screen and manually switch on Do Not Disturb for a distraction free time at dinner! You can even customize it to allow phone calls, but no other notifications. Definitely one of the most useful apps for the Sears household.

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