Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – November 13, 2016

We had our choir lead yesterday – I always love choir Sundays, and I always write that I love choir Sundays – because they’re great opportunities to get as many as want to be involved, helping to lead in worship.  If you’ve thought about joining us in choir before – there’s never been a better time to join us, as we’re zeroing in on our December 11th Christmas service.

Yesterday’s service was a tad different than normal choir Sundays.  I like to plan.  I like to plan ahead, and as with most choir sundays – this was planned a few weeks in advance.  It takes a little extra time to make sure that we have that many folks on the same page (pun intended).
After a spirited admonition from Bob last Sunday about those “freaking out” about Tuesday’s election, I found myself convicted in, Presidential election aside, the different altars that I find myself worshipping at.  The reality is – no president, elected official, 10-step plan, self-help book, dinner recipe, or morning juice drink is going to “fix” our lives.  The only thing worthy of our hope, our longing, and our affection is the only name of Jesus.  He is on the throne.  He is ruling and reigning.  He is coming again.  He has promised.
So our set reflected those thoughts, and allowed us to reiterate those truths in song.
We opened with Let Creation Sing – a cool tune that I’ve loved for a few years from Hillsong.
After our call to worship we sang Come Christians Join to Sing, Forever Reign, Your Name, and No Other Name.
Our offering song was All the Poor and Powerless, from All Sons and Daughters.

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