Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – December 11, 2016

Yesterday was our 14th annual Christmas Worship Service – this entitled “Do Not Fear.”

I’m not going to list all the tunes that we sang – we’ll have video up here shortly, so check back – but we had some great tunes from Michael W Smith, Mumford and Sons, Kari Jobe, Sidewalk Prophets, Matt Redman and Ronnie Freeman.

Here were my thoughts for the back of our program this morning:

Welcome to “Do Not Fear.”  The most repeated command in all of scripture.  And at least on some level – the thing that we all struggle with whether through control, manipulation, worry or apathy.  It’s been an interesting journey this fall to explore the idea of fear, and how the season of Advent specifically speaks to it.  For me, one of the most moving stories in all of scripture is the context of Jesus’s birth.  Joseph and Mary, in an impossible situation, facing social ostracizing, abandonment, shame – and they’re both met with the command “Do Not Fear.”  The shepherds, minding their business in the fields, are met with the glory of the angels of Heaven with the proclamation of Christ’s birth and are told fear not!  

How often are we cruising through life, trying to deal with our own issues, and ignoring the whisper of the Father “Do Not Fear!”  Where are we called to surrender our control, our own selfish desires, our longings for something which this life cannot provide, all to embrace God’s command – Do Not Fear.  Are you wrestling this morning even trying to believe that God has a plan for you?  We ALL come this morning, whether we acknowledge it or not, longing to be delivered, to be loved, to be noticed, to be shined upon, and to be reminded that this season celebrates the birth of the One that will end all strife, struggle, sorrow and pain – The wonderful counselor, mighty God, everlasting Father, the prince of peace.

As we worship this morning – allow yourself to start to surrender those areas of fear, those ways of control, those tendencies to panic, fret, and flail and embrace the glory of the birth of Christ.  In the chaos of the season, find rest in the simplicity of a baby’s birth.  Embrace the paradox that is the magnitude of His glory in the helplessness of a newborn baby.  .  Be reminded of the Father’s command “Do Not Fear,” and place your trust in the One that is reigning, and will reign forevermore.  Welcome to “Do Not Fear.”

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