Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – January 22, 2017

Yesterday continued in our Blue Book series – with week 3, “longing.”  If you’re looking for previous week’s Blue Book setlists and songs – you can check out this link

Our worship set and offering tune were all designed around the central theme of longing and waiting… what do you find yourself longing for?  We’re all searching for something to satisfy, but nothing in THIS life will ever meet the longing of our souls.  What awaits the believer is what we are TRULY longing for, and will find for eternity.

We opened yesterday with 3rd Day’s Soul on Fire.

After our call to worship we sang Everlasting God, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, Lord I Need You, and Hungry.

Our offering song was Even So Come.

I offered these thoughts for Praise to the Lord – 

I find one particular verse in Praise to the Lord particularly convicting and calling me to repentance – “Has thou not seen how thy desires e’re have been granted in what He ordaineth?”

Where is my focus?  On my small story?  Or on the grand design of my
King and Creator.  I am a child of the king. Dearly loved and pursued.
When god sees me, he’s sees Jesus.  What are my earthly longings
compared to his grand provision?

Of course nothing on this earth can satisfy. Of course I’m longing for more. My prayer is that I’m continually realizing that God has provided all my desires in His grand story – the story of eternity, in which I’m a chosen son of God.

If you’re looking for the song of the week – there are two different possibilities.  I’ve included them below.  Both have the theme of searching for something that is not of this world, and finding that the toil of earthly possessions is folly compared to the Almighty love of the King Eternal.

Here is “Satisfied” by Karl Diggerness[youtube]

And here is “Satisfied” by About a Mile.

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