Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – May 7, 2017

Hard to believe we’re already into May – next Sunday is Mother’s Day, and the kids will be leading us in worship.  Love it when the kids lead in worship – almost as much as I love choir Sundays – of which, yesterday was one.  Love our choir at OMPC – and yesterday was a rare “show up and sing” Sunday, as we had no official rehearsals beforehand.  Almost impossible to get folks out for rehearsals in May, as school years are winding down, business trips and ball clubs are winding up, and folks are longing for summer….

We opened yesterday with Heaven and Earth.

After our call to worship we sang Forever Reign, Good Good Father, Amazing Grace, and 10,000 Reasons.

Our offering song was Jesus – a tune we introduced during our Palm Sunday service “These Dry Bones.”

Our BlueBook Song this week is Amazing Grace

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