Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – July 9, 2017

Micah McElveen from Vapor Ministries preached yesterday at OMPC.  Great guy with a tremendous passion for the impoverished, and a great vision for reaching the ends of the earth.  We continued our BlueBook themes this week with “Letting Go.”  The illustration I used as we intro’d the “song of the week” was that of letting go those things that we cling to so tightly.  Much like a two-year-old, grasping and obsessing over whatever toy they’re playing with, until a parents walks into the room – where the kid drops the toy, throws his arms in the air in surrender… letting go.

We opened yesterday with Heaven and Earth

After the call to worship we sang Everlasting God, I Lift My Hands, Draw Me Nearer, and We Will Run.

Our offering song was a great tune from Tommy Walker called Where You Are.

The #bluebook song this week was I Lift My Hands.

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