Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – November 26, 2017


We’re wrapping up the year rapidly, as last Sunday was “thanksgiving sunday.”  This is one of the few years that the Sunday after thanksgiving isn’t also the first sunday of Advent.  The last time it happened was 2006 and the next time won’t be until 2022!  So we haven’t officially kicked off the Advent season yet, but will do so this coming Sunday – December 3.

We opened yesterday with Here For You.

After our call to worship we sang Lay Me Down, The Solid Rock, What a Beautiful Name, and To Him

Our offering song was Ho


w Can it Be? (i figured since Bob was doing a Q&A Sunday – we’d have a tune that was a question – see what I did there?)

It’s never too late to join us for choir!  We still have plenty of rehearsals left until The Heavens Declare – on December 10th for both morning services.

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