Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 18, 2018

Yesterday was our “Easter season special worship service.”  It takes the whole hour and consists of choir/band, solos and ensembles and usually some kind of video/narrative element to guide our hearts through the theme.

If you’re looking for videos – come back later this week as I’m hoping to have them up on Thursday.

Our setlist was God is Coming – Tim Hughes, Wonder – Hillsong United, Your Love Depends Me – Matt Maher, Lord I Run to You  – Tommy Walker, O Sacred Head Now Wounded (a custom choral arrangement I did), Forgiven – David Crowder, Remember – Passion, Death Was Arrested – Northpoint Church, The Waiting – Matt Maher, Glorious Day – Passion, Because He Lives – Matt Maher, Hallelujah We Will Sing – Tommy Walker and Never Fail – Anthony Evans.

Here is the blurb I wrote for the program to help guide our thoughts….

Welcome to “Forgiven.”

This morning’s worship service is designed to take us through the events of Holy Week.  I find myself forgetting the weight of those actual events.  That Jesus experienced them as a man, in time and space as a part of history.  He walked the roads, experienced the people, tasted, smelled, felt.  His was welcomed into Jerusalem with a hero’s welcome – as WE were welcoming Him, under the impression that He was going to setup an earthly kingdom, and form a new government.  It wasn’t until later in the week that WE were also crying out “crucify Him!” and then WE mocked.  WE flogged.  WE drove the nails.  WE watched as the Lamb of God took away the sins of the world.  And as WE either stood by, or actively denied, or took part in the crucifixion, HE cried out on our behalf “Father forgive them, they know not what they do.”

And at the end of the week, after 3 days of doubt, darkness and despair, HE rose again, and took HIS rightful place, and because of HIS sacrifice, death and resurrection, WE share in the inheritance.  WE are seen as spotless and look with hope and longing to the clouds where HE will ride in, make all things new, reverse death and we’ll share in an eternity of glory.

What an incredible paradox.  What an unimaginable gift.  What mercy.  What grace.

As we come to worship this morning, my prayer is that I have a greater awareness of my sin, only so I may more fully experience His love, grace and mercy in my life.  As I imagine what it might have been like to be the one that drove the nails, and STILL hear that I’m forgiven, may my love grow deeper.  May my longing for Heaven become palpable, and may it spur me to share that incredible truth with others.

Welcome to “Forgiven.”

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