Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – September 9, 2018

Great to be back with OMPC after spending a weekend away ministering.  We’ve also officially kicked off our Christmas rehearsal season as we’ve started preparing for our Christmas worship service on December 9th.  Come join us!

We opened yesterday with Your Love Awakens Me

After the call to worship we sang This is Amazing Grace, Great Are You Lord, Be Still My Soul and At the Cross

Our offering song was a brand new tune (for OMPC) called Do It Again by Elevation Worship.

I’ve gotten in trouble for changing words before to songs that we sing.  The critics have a valid point – the songwriters specifically wrote the lyrics, and in general I try to honor that.  I was specifically led yesterday (in real time) to change the final line of this new tune from “I never will forget…” to “Lord Help me not forget…”

An even casual reading of the old testament will show that God’s people did nothing BUT forget that His love never fails.  He has never failed.  He will never fail.  Even in the midst of my own life experience – seeing God never fail in the midst of my stupidity, Lord help me not forget, You’ve never failed me yet….

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