Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 14, 2019

We don’t have the typical recap today, as yesterday was our Palm Sunday worship service “Is He Worthy.”

If you’re looking for videos of the service – check back later this week, as I’m hoping to have them up on Thursday.

Our Palm Sunday service (much like our special Christmas worship service) takes the whole hour – with music, video, narrative…

The title was “Is He Worthy?”

We did tunes from Christy Nockels/Passion, Tommy Walker, Matt Redman, Gungor, Hillsong, Jared Anderson, Andrew Peterson and The Greatest Showman.

Here is the “blurb” that I wrote from the program:

Welcome to “Is He Worthy?”

We’re thrilled to have you worshipping with us this morning.  As we near the end of the lenten season, and look forward to next week’s Easter celebration, the texts that we’re singing this morning could not be more appropriate as we consider our place in God’s story.  Our failures, His healing.  Our weakness, His strength.  Our brokenness, His redemption. As John stood before the throne in Heaven, he wept as the question was asked “who is worthy?”   I’d like to think that John was face-to-face with the ultimate example of mankind’s need for rescue and redemption, and our sin ONLY being redeemed by the ONLY one that is worthy.  And as he wept, one of elders reminded Him that he was forgiven, his standing was cleared, and all would be made new through the sacrifice of the Lion of Judah, the Lamb of God, Jesus the King.

The title of this morning’s worship service is “Is He Worthy?”  Spoiler alert – He is.  He is the only one that’s worthy, and as we proclaim His glory, power, dominion and majesty, we do it in the context of our eternal need for a Savior.  The only thing we’re able to bring is a sacrifice of worship.  An acknowledgement of our sin and failure, and the need for His mercy and grace in our lives.  It’s only through the awareness of our desperation that we’re able to see the miracle that He has worked on our behalf, making our standing with the Father perfect, and securing our place in glory with Him.  It’s only as we worship out of our brokenness that we’re are able to declare – HE IS WORTHY.

As you come to worship this morning, perhaps this is just another Sunday for you.  Maybe you’ve lost track of when Easter is, or come with doubts about who you are and how you can possibly be loved.  Perhaps you’re looking for a reminder of just how worthy He really is.  Consider the words we sing this morning.   Engage with the story line.  Find your place of celebration and gratitude.  Even through your darkest hour, your deepest need and your most detrimental failure,  His worthiness has claimed you, set you apart for His glory, and called you His own.

Welcome to “Is He Worthy?

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