Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – August 11, 2019

Yesterday marked the “end of summer” at OMPC – at least as far as our summer schedule goes. Next week is our fall launch “kickoff,” starting with worship choir on Wednesday and then all of our normal evening activities starting next Sunday night. If you’re kids are eligible (age-wise) to be in Kids choir – i’d encourage you to sign them up! One of the healthiest and most effective brain developments one can do as a child is be exposed to music. Our kids choir program is the best – and open to all kids, 1st-6th grade. They meet on Sunday evenings at 4:30.

We opened yesterday with All Who Are Thirsty

After the call to worship we sang Lay Me Down, O Come to the Altar, King of My Heart and To Him

Our offering song was a new tune (for OMPC) called Living Hope from Phil Wickiam

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