Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – December 12, 2021

Yesterday was our 2021 Christmas Worship Service “Hope For Everyone”

I’ll be working on the audio/video to get it up here as soon as possible. In the meantime – here is the program blurb that I wrote….

It’s been a tough year and a half.  In some ways, it’s magnified the battle that we’re in as we realize this is not our home.  We’ve lost loved ones and friends.  We’ve faced struggles of doubt and despair.  Our society has become more divided and our attitudes more divisive.  I’m hard pressed to think of a time where it’s been more important to focus on our one true HOPE.  I love the message of Christmas being hope – for everyone.  It’s a great reset.  It’s a gentle reminder.  It’s a paradoxical reality that in the birth of a baby, our HOPE came to life to rescue, redeem and rule in us forever.
The season of Advent gives us an opportunity to relate to the prophets of old and the longings of Israel as they waited for their promised one, their savior, their hope.  We get to renew that longing as we wait for our King to return.  He came without pomp, without circumstance, without even a legitimate place to rest and sleep.  And yet in the fragility of a baby’s brand new life came the strength, promise and hope of the reigning and ruling King of the universe.  The Hope that He IS becomes the only thing we need for comfort, for rest, for security.  The Hope that He IS starts to resonate in us as we embrace His gospel – the truth of our salvation through His life, death and resurrection.   The Hope that He IS becomes what drives us to share His love with others in this season of longing.  The Hope that He IS, becomes our only REAL hope.
As we worship this morning, may you be reminded afresh of His grace in your life, and His calling to your heart as He reminds you once again that your Hope is safely placed in His hands.  Whatever your longings, whatever your struggles, whatever your deep needs, may you be surrounded this morning by the Hope For Everyone.

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