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Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 10, 2022

Our setlist lsat Sunday included House of the Lord, Jesus What a Beautiful Name, Upon Him, Man of Sorrows, The Blood, Beautiful Jesus, The Waiting, Glorious, He Lives, Fresh Wind, Revelation Song, Agnus Dei, Hallelujah We Will Sing and Never Fail

I will post the video as soon as I can. Until then, here’s the blurb I wrote as well as our “special thanks”

I was raised Catholic, attending worship for 16 years.  One of the things that sticks out the most in that tradition was the attention given to the details of Holy Week.  Palm Sunday was always represented and celebrated by the congregants receiving palm branches as they walked in the room.  The Good Friday service was marked with black cloths where the ceremonial liturgical colors would normally be, and the candle that remains lit 24/7, 365 representing Christ’s spirit was blown out.  Easter Sunday was always a big day, usually represented by parking places being hard to find,  our family not getting our normal seat and the glory and celebration marked by singing “alleluia” for the first time in over a month a half.  In their tradition, during the entire season of lent, they don’t sing or say the word “alleluia” to further iterate the separation of God and man without Christ.

As you worship this morning, my hope is that your imagination takes you through a short journey of a reiteration of the events of Holy Week.  Our worship will open with celebration of the Name of Jesus, much like the Jews welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem with such joy and celebration.  We’ll spend a few moments remembering His death, and the payment that His blood paid on our behalf, and we’ll celebrate the resurrection – the glory of our Lord Jesus, sacrificed on our behalf, defeating death and being raised to eternal life.  But the part I’m most excited about is the few moments that we’ll spend in worship being reminded of the promise that we have in Heaven, singing “alleluia.”.
There’s never been a better time, or a more needed time to be reminded that for those of us in Christ, we will one day share in the joy and completion of his sacrifice and resurrection, spending eternity in paradise.  Our pain, tears, sorrow and longing will be gone and in its place, unimaginable joy, love and peace.
Engage with us this morning.  Engage with the texts that we’re singing, and as you come across a song you know, or catch a repeated chorus that sounds familiar, sing it out!  Be reminded of the glorious events of Holy Week and the promise that they secured for us, for eternity.

Special thanks:
Kelly and Rob Bright
Steve Upton and Craneworks
Shades Mountain Baptist Church
Ryan Maynard
Matthew Berry
Band:Will Giuliani – Drums
Drew Taylor – Bass
Michael Southerland – Synth, Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Programming
Jack Swaim – Electric Guitar
Landon Ditto – Electric Guitar
David Conrad – Acoustic Guitar
Trace Armstrong – Acoustic Guitar
Staff and Technical:
Wes Smith – Technical Director and Sound
Mandy Sears – Kids Choir Director
Brian Zekoff – Assistant Technical Director
Amy McGucken – Worship Ministry Assistant
Video Production – Wes Smith, Brian Zekoff
Lighting – Michael Panick
Slides – Keith Griffith
Cameras and Streaming – John Porterfield
Graphic Design – Kayla Neely
Stagehand – Madeline Whisenant

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