From Sunday Dec 12

Just a rough mix from the song we closed with – Ronnie Freeman’s Ring the Bells. I counted things up, and figure at the end of the song we had about 170 voices, 11 different vocal parts, 9 band members, and 3 technicians making the final product.

3 more cuts from this past weekend

All with Acoustic, Fiddle, Piano and hollow-bass. . . drastically different from our normal worship style. Endless Praise Not Guilty Anymore Revelation Song Beautiful Things

Beautiful Things from Sunday

Here’s a clip of Beautiful Things (Gungor) – from Sunday morning. Drew Taylor on Bass, Josh Vigneulle on Acoustic. Connie Skellie on fiddle. Mandy Sears and Carlee Means on vocals.

One more tune from Palm Sunday

This was a group of 5 guys – Heath Morris, Heath Hale, Brian Wright, Brian Floyd, and Korey Cox. Alive Again

Another audio clip from Palm Sunday

A Mighty Fortress – from Palm Sunday 2010. Melody Lovvorn, soloist.

Two audio clips from Easter

Not Guilty Questions

From last Sunday

Just one tune for right now – i really enjoyed Jack’s electric solo at the end . . . he’s an incredible musician

From last Sunday

We opened with this song last Sunday . . . we’re opening with this song again this sunday. It’s called You Lifted Me Out