Friday Favorites 7.24.15

1.  Favorite list of things that I’ve said – [youtube] 2.  Favorite slow speed chaseClick here to read and view – just awesome 3.  Favorite wedding reception entrance – [youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – “Let Your Word move in power, let what’s dead come to life, we are here for You…”

Friday Favorites 6.5.15

1.  Favorite Trailer – Nice[youtube] 2.  Favorite Perspective – Go ahead and try to make it to 1:40 without a tear.  I dare you.[youtube] 3.  Favorite Prank – [youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday Morning worship service – “in our hearts Lord, in this nation… awakening”

Friday Favorites 5.29.15

1.  Favorite worst explanation of Star Wars…. ever…Thanks, Patrick Bush for the link.[youtube] 2.  Favorite tune from Easter Sunday 3.  Favorite recap – So apparently youtube is 10 years old, and they created a montage to celebrate.  I’m thankful for it – because it reminds me that there’s SO much I had no clue even existed[youtube]4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday …

Friday Favorites 5.7.15

1.  Favorite Lip Reading – You know… in honor of the draft and stuff[youtube] 2.  Favorite posing for photo – [youtube] 3.  Favorite sportses moment – I love the sportses, and Mandy loves when someone trips…[youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – “We will stand as children of the promise… we will fix our eyes on Him, …

Friday Favorites 4.17.15

1.  Favorite trailer –Just wow[youtube] 2.  Favorite weather report – [youtube] 3.  Favorite Dog – He’s actually coming to lead at OMPC soon…[youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – “Hast thou not seen how thy desires e’re have been granted in what He ordaineth?”

Friday Favorites 4.10.15

1.  Favorite makes my palms sweat – Seriously…. just…. why? [youtube] 2.  Favorite remix – Honestly…. love this tune, and the album[youtube] 3.  Favorite game show moments – You know… Good for Pat Sajak, for keeping his composer[youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – “it doesn’t matter what you’ve done….”

Unfathomable Holiness

How do you relate to God? How would you classify your relationship with the Creator of the Universe, the Author of Eternity? My wife Mandy and I were on a long road trip recently, which gave us a great opportunity for long, deep discussions. One of the questions she asked on our most recent trip was related to a guy’s …

Friday Favorites 04.03.15

1.  Favorite Saddest Thing Ever –Stumbled across an article talking about this trend in Japan – 2.  Favorite Video for Good Friday – Sunday’s coming…[youtube] 3.  Favorite Reason that Twitter is dumb – [youtube] 4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – “death in vain forbids Him rise, Hallelujah”

Friday Favorites 3.27.15

1.  Favorite twitter recap – [youtube] 2.  Favorite reason to PUT DOWN THE PHONE – Even more proof that we’re turning into iPhone zombies[youtube]3.  Favorite debt free scream – I’m a Dave Ramsey coolaid drinker.  I don’t care if you’re a hater.  He’s saved us $1000’s….  I dare you to watch this and NOT at least get teary-eyed[youtube]4.  Favorite line …

APP Review: Restrictions

We got great feedback from our first app review in the inaugural edition of Ascent on the built-in feature of iOS called “Do Not Disturb”—which you can set automatically, or manually, to ensure that you don’t receive any chirps, dings, bells, whistles or buzzes during times that you’re wanting to focus on your family.  Another fantastic built-in option on the …