Monday Morning Recap for Sunday March 26, 2017

I was out of town yesterday but left worship leadership in the very talented hands of Jeff Sauceda!  Very thankful for such a talented base of volunteers to serve with at OMPC

They opened with Psalm 100 – a new song for OMPC

After the call to worship they sang Open the Eyes of Our Hearts, Lay Me Down, Praise to the Lord the Almighty, and Jesus Only Jesus 

The offering song was Greater 

I’d love for you to join us in two weeks on April 9th for our Palm Sunday service – These Dry Bones, at the 8:15 and 10:45 service.  

If you’re looking for this Sunday’s #bluebook song – check out Passion’s Praise to the Lord the Almighty

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – December 18, 2016

Yesterday was the 4th Sunday of Advent, the Angels’ Sunday – where we celebrate the angels annunciation of the birth of Christ, the declaration of His kingdom, and of course, looking for His 2nd coming.

We opened with Unstoppable God.

After our call to worship we sang Forever Reign, Angels We Have Heard on High, Angels From the Realms of Glory, and O Come to the Altar.

Our offering song was Here With Us, by Joy Williams, sung by Kala Waldron.  Our communion song was a great tune from Michael McDonald called Peace.

Join us this coming Saturday night for our Christmas Eve services at 5 and 6:30, and come back for Christmas morning worship with a special communion service, at 10:45 next Sunday morning.

If you’re looking for the videos from last Sunday – our Christmas Worship service “Do Not Fear” you can click right here for the complete listing.

Friday Favorites 11.3.16

1.  Favorite Trailer – 

Really can’t wait….

2.  Favorite PSA – 

The crisis is real

3.  Favorite Reason to come join us in choir this Christmas – 

We rehearse on Wednesday nights from 6-7, and it’s never too late to join us.

4.  Favorite Line from Upcoming Sunday Morning worship service – 

I don’t have time to maintain these regrets when i think about the way that He loves us”

Friday Favorites 9.16.16

1.  Favorite sports moments – 

“Hey Johnny, you’ve got to tackle #17….”

Please no, coach.  Please?

2.  Favorite musical moment – 

I don’t watch these shows because I think they too often celebrate that which is not so musical, or not so talented… but this is incredible

3.  Favorite trailer – 

Saw this trailer the other day – made me miss my first dog

4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – 

May I never lose the wonder, oh the wonder of Your mercy”

Friday Favorites 08.12.16

1.  Favorite Trailer – 

2.  Favorite Inspiration to practice – 
This is a segment from a radio show where they isolate the tracks from Rosanna – a top hit from one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever.  Skip to 8:49 to hear the isolated vocal tracks, and be reminded that this was before Autotune existed.
3.  Favorite Tune from last’s Sunday’s service – 
Check out Carlee singing All I Ask
4.  Favorite line from upcoming Sunday morning worship service – 

“to Him, the songs of saints and angels raise an everlasting song of praise…”