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Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – May 13, 2018

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and our traditional “kids lead worship” Sunday – where our Kids choir, supplemented by anyone from the gym that wants to join in, leads us in worship (taking the place of our typical praise team).  It’s always so fun, and a great reminder of the child-like faith, simplicity, and abandon that we’re called to in worship.

We opened yesterday with a Jana Alayra song called Treasure Quest

After the call to worship we sang Victory in Jesus, By Faith, Here I Am to Worship and Lay it Down

Our offering song was a Mother’s Day song that my wife Mandy wrote a few years ago called One Mother’s Prayer



Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – May 6, 2018

Yesterday was a “show up and sing” choir Sunday – as we’ve done the past few years on this Sunday (*this Sunday being a late-spring sunday where we haven’t had weekly choir rehearsals).  We had a great turnout – so much so that it’s probably time to start bringing out another section of risers.  Always a great problem to have!

We opened yesterday with Even So Come

After the call to worship we sang Everlasting God, Good Good Father, Praise to the Lord the Almighty and Waiting Here for You

Our offering song was the new-ish tune from Matt Maher called Your Love Defends Me

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 29, 2018

Yesterday was the final Sunday of April, and also the concluding day of our Women’s Beach Retreat – so many dads were thrilled that their wives were on the way home!  Bob also continued his series in the Book of Acts with Acts 9 – Saul’s conversion.

We opened with Glorious Day

After the call to worship we sang Your Grace is Enough, The Same Love, Come Thou Fount and Reckless Love

Our offering song was Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace)

If you’re in choir – join us this coming Sunday for “Show Up and Sing” Sunday!  We’ll have a brief runthrough at 9:45 and then lead for the 10:45 service.  Hope to see you there!

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 22, 2018

We’re almost to the end of April, hard as that may be to believe.  Quite a few of our ladies are leaving this week to go on the OMPC Beach Retreat, our kids are leading in worship for Mother’s day, and VBS is right around the corner during the first full week in June.  Check out our website for a full listing of all the activities planned for the next few months!

We opened yesterday with Unstoppable God.

After the call to worship we sang Relentless, Jesus Only Jesus, Abide with Me and You Never Let Go

Our offering song was a repeat from a couple weeks ago of Reckless Love.


Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 15, 2018

We don’t have our typical Monday morning recap this week as yesterday was our Kids Choir presentation of “Esther-Ordinary Faith” – our spring musical that they’ve been working on since August.

I’ll post the video here to the blog later this week if you’d like to watch it again – but allow me to encourage you to think about involving your kids in music if they’re not already!

I wrote this post 8 years ago, and really nothing has changed...

It’s unique to find a church that places an emphasis on music in children, but it’s so key.  Involving your kids in music at an early age allows them to start using and developing crucial parts of the brain.  This brain development not only helps them explore creativity (art, music, drama, dance) but also allows them to process the everyday mudane with a different set of lenses, and a creative perspective.

Kids involved in learning music also improve their ability and skill in math.  Yup – by connecting the crucial right and left parts of the brain, music aids in the understanding and implementing of basic and complex mathematical skills.

So consider plugging your kids in the Kids Choir at OMPC.  We’re meeting right now for the next 3 Sundays (April 22, 29 and May 5) to prepare for leading in worship on Mother’s Day.

For more information you can contact me or our kids choir director – Mandy Sears.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 8, 2018

We were back to our sermon series on Acts yesterday as Bob continued preaching through Acts 7 – Stephen’s speech.  We also celebrated the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper – as we typically do on the 2nd Sunday of the month.

We opened yesterday with Glorious Day – a tune we’ve done several times (at the 10:45 service) and also included in our “Not Really Palm Sunday” service “Forgiven.”  If you’d like to worship through those songs again – you can find them here

After the call to worship we sang You Lifted Me Out, How He Loves, Be Still My Soul and Great Are You Lord

Our offering song was a new tune to OMPC called Reckless Love.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – April 1, 2018

We had a wonderful Easter Sunday celebration at OMPC.  Great time of worship and a great message from our Sr Pastor, Bob.  If you missed it – be sure and catch the video on our brand new website –

We opened yesterday with Let God Arise

After our call to worship we sang Joyful, This is Amazing Grace, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Stronger and What a Beautiful Name

Our offering song was Forever – sung by Carlee Green.

Join us this week as we celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – March 25, 2018

Yesterday was Palm Sunday are our worship set was designed to place us into the role of the crowds shouting “Hosanna!  Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.”  Hosanna is a Hebrew word meaning “God save now”

We opened yesterday with Here for You

After the call to worship we sang Hosanna (Praise is Rising), Jesus, Jesus Paid it All and O Come to the Altar

Our offering song was Your Love Defends Me (one of the new tunes we introduced at last week’s worship service).

If you’d like to worship with us again through last week’s Easter season worship service – you can click here