Leading Worship

I observed a really cool conversation this morning between a choir member and a deacon. The choir member was talking about the service of the deacon – faithfully serving most Sunday mornings, doing the jobs no one else wants to do (arranging chairs, parking cars, cleaning up trash, counting people). It was neat to hear the heart of the choir member commenting on how the deacon led her in worship.

Think about it – how many times have you considered your means of service on Sunday morning as leading in worship? You can lead in worship by keeping a nursery class, by teaching a Sunday school, by serving coffee, by setting up chairs, by passing out bulletins, by twisting knobs or pushing faders on a sound console . . .

I chuckle to myself thinking about the leadership that my powerpoint engineer has (I should correct that by saying my songshowplus enginner, or projection engineer – that way I won’t get in trouble with Microsoft). If anyone has influence in worship leadership, it’s that engineer – they’re the ones that ultimately decide which words we sing!

So consider next time you walk through the doors at the church how God may be calling you to lead in worship . . . Need suggestions? If you’re a musician or a technician (sound, lights, computers) call me! If not, call me and I’ll put you in touch with someone that can help you!

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