The 8:00 Problem

As we await the completion of our new sanctuary, and the opportunity to return to only two services on a Sunday morning, we have an 8:00 problem. The 8:00 service is awesome. It’s a smaller crowd – first thing in the morning. To me, it seems more intimate, but that could be because of the initial worship time on a Sunday morning. Our 9:15 and 10:45 services are packed. And so, speaking of leading worship (in my last post), we’re hoping that some of our families will take the opportunity to lead by starting to attend our 8:00 service for the next few months. It’s a tough problem to solve, as so many of our families attend the 9:15 service, because their kids are in Sunday School during the 10:45 hour.

BUT, that still leaves plenty of families that may consider moving, just for the next few months, to minister to visitors and newcomers that would be coming to the two later services. It’s our 8:00 problem!

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