The Hebrew Words for Praise

YADAH – yaw-daw – to worship with the extended hand. The giving of oneself in worship and adoration. To lift your hands unto the Lord. It carries the meaning of absoulute surrender as a young child does to a parent – “pick me up, I’m all yours”. Scriptures: Gen. 29:35, 2 Chron. 7:6, 20:21, Psalms 9:1, 28:7, Psalms 33:2, 42:5,11, 49:18, Isaiah 12:1

Absolute surrender during worship? What would that look like? How many of us absolutely surrender when watching a football game; attending a concert; being with friends; enjoying the company of family . . . what does “absolute surrender” look like in the prescence of the Most High? I love the thought of coming into worship with the thought of surrendering our thoughts, our feelings, our needs, our hurts, our wants . . . Complete surrender . . . Absolute surrender

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