Worship Style!

Not blended, balanced, traditional, contemporary, post-modern, emergent, neo-classical. . . .  simply focused.  Focused on bringing excellence to God’s throne.  I define excellence as doing the best you can with what you’re given.  This transcends music style, personalities, personnel, equipment, instruments, numbers, and brings the worshipper to a new understanding and awareness of our sinful, yet redeemed nature, and what should be our gratitude, magnified by a melted heart in God’s presence.  Furthermore,  we are reminded that we only stand, sit, kneel, bow, lay prostrate before, exalt, lift hands, cry out, sing aloud in that presence if ushered in through the only door leading to the eternal Father’s presence.  That door being the righteousness of Christ – His nailed pierced hands and feet, and his peirced side.  Not only does he welcome us through that door, but he then follows us, leads us, ushers us into the Father’s presence.

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