The Top 25

I’m always amazed when I check the CCLI Top 25 list.  CCLI is the organization that helps artists get paid for their music being used in churches.  If churches (all churches) that are using contemporary music (anything not included in Public Domain) want to be legal, they must obtain a CCLI license.  

Churches that have a CCLI license are required to report their Sunday morning songs for a period of 3 months, every three years.  This data is compiled into the top 25.  

All this to say, I’m surprised at the number of “old” songs that churches are using, and using so frequently that they are in the top 25 of all worship songs.

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  1. Hey Jason,
    I'm surprised how many churches are using older songs, too. Especially when there are so many wonderful songs in recent years. My husband and I recently visited a church where every song was from the 1970's except for one that was written in 1983. Talk about scary!

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