Choir has resumed

I love my choir. Wednesday nights – from 6 to 7 is the hour of every week that I always look forward to. I wish I could get across to everyone that attends OMPC just how unique our choir is. We don’t require music reading experience. We don’t require attendance every week – in fact, no one takes role. We are merely a community of people that love Jesus and want to spend time in worship through singing.

I’ve been amazed over the last few years at how God has brought people through the worship ministry, especially through the choir, and released them from expectations of performance and perfection, and brought them to a realization that worship is bringing whatever we have to offer – no pretense. No performance, just our dirty, sinful hearts. So I get excited when I see someone that has been afraid to sing, or had a bad choir experience in the past, come to choir and enjoy the fellowship and fun as we worship.

So if you’re interested, give it a try. Here’s the deal. No comittment to buy, no salesman will call you. Come give it one shot!

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