Jesus Laughing

Do you ever think about Jesus laughing? How would other Christians, or more importantly, other non-Christians view Christ by watching you? I was thinking about this today as I thought about what the Church does or doesn’t do in the name of being “Christian.” I think that sometimes we forget that Jesus probably had quite a bit of humor in his life, his friendships, his ministry. It made me begin to wonder how people might look at me, or the worship ministry, or OMPC, or churches in Birmingha, and furthermore, what’s the picture of Christ that they are getting? Do they see a picture of Christ that laughs, and loves, and cares?

What are our worship ministries conveying about Christ? Is Christ an approachable character? Is he someone that relates on a personal level?

I think that too often we get hung up on rules, and tradition, and forget that Christ lived as fully man, and was able to enjoy his friends, and the relationships he built, and he probably spent a good bit of time laughing. So in regards to worship, are we approaching the throne of a friend? Are we approaching someone who we can laugh with, and live with? Dream with? Confide in? Are we trusting in the Christ that loves and laughs with us?

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