Rehearsal Last Night

First off, I get paid to do what I love to do. It’s absolutely amazing. I wake up every day, and get to come to work – which is completely involved in music, and that music is directed in worship towards Christ. So what a blessing – to be able to do exactly what I want to be doing, and making a living at it.

Last night’s rehearsal was incredible. I love the people that I get to serve with. I don’t think they know that, or appreciate how much I mean it, but I really do. Last night started off with a great Youth Choir rehearsal. These kids are excited about the music, fellowship and worship that comes in being with liked-minded kids, giving their best gift to Christ. We’re learning some new tunes, and working on parts, and it’s exciting.

Worship choir followed – with folks that are sacrficing an hour away from family, or work, to come and serve the Living Lord through music. And it’s awesome. The energy in the room is outstanding. The hearts that come and sing and want to serve are real, and genuine – and I think we’re working towards a program that’ll be just as different as the other ones.

Praise team was truly spectacular. It was one of those nights that made me consciously think “yes, this is what I’m called to do.” I think it may be in a response to last week’s sermon, but our worship set this week is a constant reminder, through the tunes and their texts, of God’s assurance of pardon for our sins, and His everlasting love. And we’re doing a new tune to OMPC this week – Everlasting God, by Brenton Brown. Check it out. I think you’ll dig it.

And oh yeah, we have 5 guitarists on the stage this week (including bass). And you know what – it really, really works. Sure, it takes a tad more time to make sure everyone’s playing non-competing grooves, and supporting one another, but the soundn is amazing.

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