This Radical Thing Called Grace

It is radical, and you’ve got to want it. It’s not something that you can stumble into, and something that you can perform your way into missing. It’s called us to be real and honest, and called us away from the intuitive – work harder so you can make it. Do more good things. What an incredible sermon this morning. You see, for those who know Christ, God’s grace is inescapable. You can’t run, you can’t hide. When it comes to our sin, our failures, our own performance, trying to “do good” – we’ll constantly fail. But our Father is one that rejoices over us. So in our worship – perhaps today’s sermon, perhaps the video clip – perhaps the Scripture will all be tools that Father uses to bring us anew to His grace, His throne, His love for us. Perhaps OMPC is in the beginnings of a revival. Maybe today is the day we start remembering “There’s nothing you can ever do to make God love you less.” –

By the way – the video clip that we used today was from Rob Bell – pastor of Mars Hill Church in Michigan. Read his book – Velvet Elvis. It’s radical, but it’s a great read. Check out his other videos here.

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