The Gospel of Grace and our Comfort Zone

I didn’t know Bubba at all, and I only got a glimpse into who he was, based on short accounts of those that knew him well – but the Gospel grabbed him amidst a life of drugs and prison. Literally changing his life in the pen – he came out on fire for Christ, completely gripped by the Gospel – and wrecklessly, whole-heartedly loving others, if only to get an opportunity to share the Gospel. And he really didn’t care what other people thought, and although he loved Jesus, and knew that Jesus loved him, it didn’t mean that he had to stop riding a Harley – and he was rough and tough, and dressed in leather, but his fire for the Kingdom was unparalleled, and he pushed people out of their comfort zones into a real and authentic encounter with Christ. It would have been neat to meet him, but I will – when we sing together before Jesus.

So is the Gospel pushing us out of our comfort zones? Are we, with wreckless abandon, doing what it takes to tell people about Christ? Are we in our community, however our creator has formed us – in our environments, and doing what it takes to share this love? I THINK Christ called us to love Him, and then love our neighbors, as ourselves – wow, that’s sticky, and messy, and not really “churchy.” It makes us get out of our bubbles and start thinking about what it would take to meet people where they are, to be real and honest, and love them on their level! Bubba had it right. He didn’t abandon his environment and community – he embraced them, and told them about the love of Christ.

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