Two incredible influences

This man – Dr L. Gene Black – taught me everything I know about putting a choir together, teaching blend and balance, vowels, breath control – one of the most gifted men on the planet when it comes to achieving a sound unlike any other – from 40-60 totally different voices. And although we lead two totally different choirs, with totally different styles and repertoire, his influence is like none other on my picture of a worshipping community. A tremendous man of God, a huge influence.

THIS man is Dr. Witold Turkiewicz – my piano professor from Samford University, and quite possibly the only man that could make me cry on demand! He took every bit of my technique, or lack thereof, broke it down, and re-shaped my foundation for music and the piano. His teacher was taught by Chopin – making him a 3rd generation Chopin student. Again – although we have totally different styles of music, my ability at the piano would be diminished if it weren’t for his desire to make me better. His ability and inspiration for music and the piano was something I’ll always have with me . . .

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