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A friend recently asked me to give my “Top Ten List” of favorite worship albums. It’s tough to identify an entire album to listen to, as often there are a couple gems on each that are worth trying in worship, or listening to in the car, but I’ve come up with a top 10 that i really enjoy. Certainly not an exhaustive list, and not listed in order of preference, although I would probably keep Tim Hughes – Holding Nothing Back at #1 for a while . . .

1. Tim Hughes – Holding Nothing Back
2. Tommy Walker – Never Gonna Stop
3. Ross Parsley – I am Free
4. Paul Baloche – A Greater Song
6. Tommy Walker – I have a Hope
7. Kathryn Scott – Hungry
8. 7:22 Band – 7:22 Live
9. Passion – Sacred Revolution
10. Hillsong United – All of the Above

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