The Presidential Suite . . . Are you kidding me?

My wife and I celebrated our 11th Anniversary this weekend (Dec 20th). We have stayed at the Peachtree Plaza almost every year for the last 11, including our wedding night. I’m a huge cheapskate, so I always book online, and attempt to get the lowest price. This year – the lowest price was accomplished by an advance pay, no refund reservation. $110.00/night. Not bad. I think the lowest we’ve ever paid was $96.

So, as I do every year, I call a couple nights before and talk with someone at the front desk and tell them that we’re celebrating, and could they please put us up as high in the hotel as possible (70 floors). James said “of course” and that was that. When we checked in on Friday night, the girl at the desk said “Oh, we put you in a suite on the 70th floor.” We’re thinking – cool, we’ll have a mini-fridge and a microwave in our regular room.

We got to the 70th floor, and had been booked into the presidential suite. Are you kidding me? It’s two floors – with a spiral staircase inside. The whole thing is the size of 8 regular rooms. The bathroom itself was the size of a regular room. There was a grand piano in the dining room . . . We were WAY out of our league. I wore out my camera phone. it was funny too. As we left the house on Friday i thought – i don’t need to take the camera. It’s the same room we’ve stayed in for 10 years now . . .

HERE is a link to some pics that I took.

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