A few new songs

I’m going to try to start keeping a more comprehensive list of new tunes that we add to the repertoire at Oak Mountain.

Check out “Amazing God” by Brenton Brown. We’re going to introduce it in the next few weeks.

Our choir is singing “Lord I Run to You” by Tommy Walker this week – it’s off of one of his old albums. If you’re reading this and looking for new stuff, Tommy has just recently signed with Integrity, thus reaping the benefits of their distribution network. His older stuff is awesome. Check it out. One of his best older albums is “Never Gonna Stop.”

We did a song called “You Said” last week, for our global missions conference. Great tune by HIllsong – about 7 or 8 years old, but a great tune.

Over Christmas, possibly one of my new favorite Christmas tunes, and sure to be in next December’s schedule “You’re Here,” by Francesca Battistelli

Check ’em out.

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  1. Hey Jason- When I come home to Hoover I always love to come to OMPC with my sister, Genie Deason.
    Your worship songs make me feel at home- many of the sames songs we sing at my Calvary Chapel Gulf Breeze, FL.
    One of the young guys on our worship team plays the guitar and sings a solo sometimes.He sang a new song for us today by Hillsong- “From the Inside Out”- it was beautiful. Also, he sings a great rendition of Phil Wickham's “Divine Romance”, which I love. Maybe you know those songs. I think OMPC worshipers would love them too.
    Oh, a long time ago I saw you play the guitar and loved it- I think that is when you sang “Do It, Lord” by Tommy Walker.
    Oh, my husband came with me for his first time ever to OMPC back at Christmas and he was ready to move back to B'ham after hearing y'all's music! Keep up the great work for the Lord!

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