Becoming even more undignified . . .

We had a great night of rehearsals last night (by the way, Worship Choir has started back: 6-7 every Wednesday night – open to all!)

During our praise team rehearsal, which just went so well, it happened, as it does so often, that our rehearsals become more of a time of worship than they do rehearsals. So as we sang texts like “not to us, but to YOUR name, be the glory,” and “search me – walk the corridors of my life, shine your light on those dark and hidden places,” and transition into “Heart of my own heart, whatever befall – still be my vision,” or to texts like “be my everything” we found ourselves worshipping, and being engulfed by the texts that we were singing. We even started clapping during the song – not clapping to lead anyone in worship, but clapping because it was a part OF our worship – even commanded by God. (I dare you to read Psalm 47)

Which then got me thinking about conversations that I have with folks about remaining restrained in worship. There are even those that won’t come to Oak Mountain because they would feel embarrassed about how they express themselves in worship.

David – our worship leader from God’s Word, danced before God without restraint. It disgusted Michal (daugher of Saul). She suggested that he was making a fool of himself. His response: “Why in the world WOULDN’T I dance before the Lord to thank him for these blessings. In fact, I’ll become even MORE undignified than this . . . ” I dare you to become undignified . . .

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  1. I'm all for becoming undignified & I'll drag as many people with me as I can. It's like the Sonic Flood song says…

    Let all nature sing
    Let the earth rejoice
    We will resonate, resonate Your glory

    Let all living things
    Praise You with one voice
    We will resonate, resonate Your glory

    Let the rocks cry out
    Let the children shout
    We will worship, We Will worship

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