Monday morning recap for Sunday – May 3rd

Yesterday was our 20th Anniversary Celebration. Great morning of worship. We had Rev. Barker in attendance and he offered up our pastoral prayer. Also showed a 13 minute video highlighting the founding of the church as well as the impact of the church through some testimonies. We will post it as soon as we “can.”

We opened with Awesome is the Lord Most High

After our call to worship, we sang Sing to the King, Not to Us, and the Solid Rock. We followed that with Immortal Invisible, Everlasting God (the Brenton Brown version, NOT the harder-to-sing Lincoln Brewster version), and I am Free.

For our offering, we sang God of this City. Click here for the story behind that song – great background!

For our 20th Anniversary Offering, we sang To God Be the Glory, as arranged and recorded by Tommy Walker. Worship leaders – check it out, and do it with your congregation. GREAT arrangement.

I’m on vacation this week. Here’s some ridiculousness for you to enjoy.

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  1. You make me smile!!! I love you!!
    Love, Mandy
    now I'll make you smile – I had to put this under anonymous because I didn't know if I had a google account or an ID or URL – so there. I miss you when you're gone!!!!! Big smooches!!! Love, Mandy NOT anonymous

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