Monday Morning Recap for Sunday – August 2

Bob was back in town this past Sunday, and gave us a recap on the Gospel Pipeline.

If you still haven’t set your iTunes to automatically download Oak Mountain Sermons . . . do so by clicking here.

This past Sunday, we opened with You Are Good, by Lincoln Brewster.

After our call to worship, we sang Sing to the King, O 4 a 1000 Tongues, Everlasting God (with a new interlude, and a little quicker), and Center (Charlie Hall).

For offering, we sang Everything (Hughes).

This coming week is a communion Sunday.

I was going through old photos, as I recently lost most information off of my MacBook Pro. If you haven’t backed up recently, do so. My last backup was October ’07.

Anyway – I found this picture that I took of a banner we had printed up a few years back. At any given point, the lamps in the breezeway blocked certain letters. Seemed appropriate . . .

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