Your kids NEED to be in children's choir

Notice i didn’t say “should” or “might want to think about.”

If you’ve got kids – and they are ages K4-6th grade, they NEED to be in kids choir. Kids choir meets every Sunday night (following the LIFE group schedule) at 4:30. We have separate choirs for K4 and K5 – and the larger group (1st-6th grade) also splits up during rehearsal, but comes together for the musical.

Why do I say they NEED to be in kids choir? Music develops the brain. Unlike sports, reading, writing, TV, or really any other activity – music develops areas of the brain that aren’t used in other activities, and makes kids smarter. Studies have proven that musical training helps kids with math skills. Studies have proven that even kids with learning disabilities are not only stretched, but sometimes excel in learning musical skills.

Choirs help your children learn group dynamics, attentions skills, and working together toward a common goal. They’re not just learning how to sing, but they’re learning how to read notes, rhythms, balance, blend . . . Parents – how many of you have looked back on your childhood and thought “if only my parents had made me stick with the . . . [fill in the blank] (piano, guitar, choir, band)”

Our kids choir program associates music with Biblical principles. For example – this year, not only will your kids be challenged musically – but they’re also going to dive neck deep into the story of the prodigal son. They’re going to learn how the younger AND older brother’s struggles apply to us ALL – and point us to our need for Christ . . . Who wouldn’t want their children immersed in that story?

And finally – our kids choirs have some of THE BEST directors in the country. Our head director not only has a bachelor’s degree in music education, but also a masters degree in music education AND church music. Some of our other directors have music degrees, years of experience doing kids choirs – and some of the biggest hearts for children and children’s ministry.

Get your kids into the choir! It’s good for them. It expands their brains. They learn from each other – and they immerse themselves into solid Biblical stories.

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