4 thoughts on “Beautiful Things from Sunday

  1. My band and I did this song at Southeastern University in a worship set last year. I am really surprised how this song has turned out. Rather than just a cool “Christian song” it truly is a worship song. People are doing it in their churches all over the nation for worship. This new style of worship is taking worship leaders, musicians, and all Christ-followers to a new level, deeper in God. I’ve seen Michael Gungor lead this song live twice. I met with him and talked about this song a bit with him. Just listening to his music, anyone can see that Gungor is a musical genius. He is definitely is an amazing addition to the worship genre. His new album is calling us to awakening. I love when new levels of ideas are birthed within artists that bring us higher along with them. This recording sounds great and I am so excited to hear that worship leaders are spreading these lyrics and melodies in their churches. Keep up the creativity!

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