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Worship Leader Lessons #13

Don’t wait for Atlanta to tell you what songs you need to be doing.

You know the stories – those (worship leaders) that anxiously await the latest CD from [insert name of artist here]. And they might be in Atlanta, or Nashville, or Australia . . . and immediately download the charts, get their guitarists a new pedal, and try to emulate the exact sound and feel of the entire disc.

Problem is, they’re forgetting to attention to whether or not those songs are singing the soundtrack of their church, their congregation. Remember – it’s so easy to assume that everyone in your church is listening to as much worship music as you are – but the opposite is more likely true – YOU are responsible for building the soundtrack for their worship. So choose wisely . . . look at the text of the songs you’re singing. Doesn’t mean that they have to be, or should be, all hymns – or all praise songs. Ask yourself what truths of God’s character, Christ’s love, and the Spirit’s indwelling that you want to proclaim – and then choose songs accordingly.

Don’t base your church’s worship experience on the latest iTunes download.


  • eyrich

    Jason – you know I am not a “music” guy. But your are so right, it has been cool to see how the tone and style of worship has changed with OMPC over 13 years. Each era has been appropriate and demonstrative of the heart of the church at the time. I get choked up virtually every Sunday worshipping our Savior in the music – which is always sort of strange to me as I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. It all just reinforces God's sovereignty to me and the body of Christ at OMPC. Thanks to the praise team for all the hard-work and prayer that goes into what you guys do.

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